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Jerry Evans’ training skill set is proven to produce success as made evident in the progress of his students and the growth of his business over such a short period of time. It is Jerry’s powerful combination of competence, consistency, and care that takes students higher than the average music lesson. Students of Jerry Evans School of Music will excel and stand out above the rest and will feel empowered as they are trained.
Stephen Gulley, Top-Ranking Christian Music Artist
Great teacher and patient to a fault. He always works well with me and i love playing as a result.
The school is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about playing and wants to have a great time too. 🙂
Very exciting program and very professional staff. The overall music experience is fantastic!
My son takes drums with David, who has relit the spark for music that has fizzled a bit. David uses humor, technology and fun to engage students and my son is passionate once again about learning.
Raluca Bojor is an amazing and fun piano teacher. She helped me accomplish a 35 year old bucket list item: Get three Billy Joel songs down. In the last two weeks I asked how to play the intro and flourishes of “Piano Man”. Without sheet music she was able to show me the technique in a single session. This will be quite a surprise at the next family gathering. I highly recommend her.
Jerry Evans has been a wonderful influence on my son’s whole musical being. We pulled our son out of school music programs that were stagnating his talents. Jerry has been a huge part of reawakening those talents and taking them to new heights. Keeping a young teen interested in anything is a feat and Jerry has exceeded all expectations. Rock on Jerry!