Dr. Nabaz Abubakir | Wheaton Viola & Violin Teacher

Dr. Nabaz Abubakir is an exemplary Violinist, Violist, and Conductor. Dr. Abubakir holds his Doctorate in performance (D.M.A.) from the University of Kansas, he holds a Master’s Degree of Performance from Northern Illinois University, and also holds a 2nd Master’s Degree in orchestral conducting from Kansas university. Dr. Abubakir has a wide range of teaching experience in Violin & Viola, he has taught at the collegiate level, and has also taught many young beginning students of elementary age.

Dr. Abubakir brings his extensive instrumental expertise to help students succeed while also bringing a kind spirit, friendliness, experience, and patience to work with all students, whether their pace of progress is quick or slow. Dr. Abubakir helps students foster a love for music that helps them work through any obstacle they might face. Students will believe they can do great things and will be taught in a safe environment where they feel free to take on exciting challenges.

Dr. Abubakir founded the Kurdish string orchestra, which won 2nd place in the Summa Cum Laude international youth competition in Vienna, Austria (2007). Dr. Abubakir has participated in many summer classes and participated in multiple other national and international festivals as well.

Dr. Abubakir can help any Violin & Viola student excel in their orchestras and ensembles at their schools, and will work hand in hand with the music that the student’s orchestra director requires. Additionally, Dr. Abubakir creates opportunities to play other fun music and styles outside of orchestra to help enhance their enjoyment in music. Dr. Abubakir can use multiple approaches in teaching his students, but finds the right approach for each student that helps them succeed. Among other methods, Dr. Abubakir is also familiar with and can utilize the Suzuki method if the student or parent desires.

Testimonials About Dr. Nabaz Abubakir

I enjoyed orchestra lessons and a private lessons with Mr. Nabaz very much. He really wants to give you knowledge about the violin, he is patient, supportive, and positive. I learned so much from him.
Indeed, Nabaz was a major source of motivation, support, and guidance for me. I robustlybelieve that his education level has prepared him very well to teach the violin at all levels. His continuous care, encouragement, and guidance made my sessions with him more enjoyable and lovable.
Mr. Nabaz was a wonderful teacher for me and many others. He taught me many things about playing the violin which has helped me along the way. he is an expert in teaching us how to play violin pieces and he was always trying to give us every bit of information he has. I always appreciated his effort and hard work.
Mr. Nabaz is an excellent instructor. I am grateful I had a chance to study with him. He helped me with my fingering, introduced me to classical music repertoire, helped me improve my technique, and I learned a better quality of playing.