Wheaton Piano Lessons

Dedicated to being a symbol of excellence in the community, the Jerry Evans School of Music provides high quality piano lessons to all students, beginner to professional, from highly educated and experienced instructors. Students will receive a complete education in a fun environment giving them the tools to play in many arenas. The JESM looks to empower musicians to great heights using solid fundamentals, a core curriculum designed to fit each students needs, and playing music that each student enjoys! Whether young, old, experienced, or beginner, the JESM guarantees each student will develop strong musical skills and reach their goals.

Piano Lessons cover all or part of the following information based on the students’ level, needs, and goals:

Music Fundamentals: Reading music/sight reading, basic music theory, playing by ear.

Technique: Proper scale and chord fingerings, hand independence, correct posture, and the use of pedals.

Musicality: Understanding the dynamics and interpretation of music, phrasing, and improvisation.

Style: Developing piano skills in classical, jazz, rock, pop, etc.

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to show off their musical skills and play their favorite music in concerts, recitals, or live gigs!

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Bach (Live)

Bartok (Live)

Beethoven Mvt. 2 (Live)

Beethoven Mvt. 3 (Live)