Saxophone Lessons in Wheaton

The Jerry Evans School of Music seeks to be one of the top Woodwind Programs in all of Chicagoland, and provides excellent Saxophone instruction to students of any skill level from Joshua Burgess. Whether playing in School Orchestra, School Band, in Jazz Band, Solo, in an Audition Orchestra, in a Pop Band, or just for fun at home, students will receive a thorough Saxophone education in an environment of excellence and enjoyment.

Joshua Burgess is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, educator, and New Yorker turned Chicagoan. Joshua earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Jazz Performance at the City College of New York where he studied with saxophonists Tim Berne, Ingrid Laubrock, Jason Rigby, Steve Wilson, and Tony Malaby. He has taught a wide range of ages, from single digits to university and beyond and has taught on behalf of the City College of New York and the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.

The JESM Saxophone program empowers musicians using proper fundamentals, a core curriculum designed to fit each student’s needs, and helping students connect to music where they can also play music that they choose. From Charlie Parker, to John Coltrane, to Jazz Band Music, to Classical Music, to Orchestra Music, to Movie/Broadway themes, to Pop/Rock music, a student can learn it at the JESM. Your student will excel in their school’s music programs as we work hand in hand with the music of your student’s Band/Orchestra teacher.

Saxophone Lessons cover all or part of the following information based on the students’ level, needs, and goals:

Music Fundamentals: Reading music/sight reading, basic music theory, playing by ear, scales, rhythmic development, etc…
Technique: Instrument placement, fingering/embouchure, tone development, breath control, posture, etc…
Musicality: Understanding the dynamics and interpretation of music, articulation, phrasing, improvisation, etc…
Style: Developing Saxophone skills in Jazz, Classical, Rock, and contemporary styles.

Students have the opportunity to play in Student Concerts, as well as enroll in Rock Band or Beyond Band class if they desire.

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