Phil Egler | Drum Lessons Teacher

Phil Egler is a drummer with over 20 years of experience. Phil has toured across the U.S., and has performed abroad in countries such as Thailand, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, and South Korea. He currently plays as resident drummer at Compass Church and for the Wheaton College Gospel Choir. Phil has performed alongside numerous churches and choirs, such as the Northern Illinois University Gospel Choir and at Highpoint church.

Phil graduated from Elgin Community College & Northern Illinois University with a degree in psychology, which he uses to more effectively adapt and relate to students of all different personalities and ages.

In his spare time, Phil is a skilled songwriter who works on his own music, in which he sings and raps. In addition to his own work, he has also written many songs alongside other artists and groups.

Phil is excited to be a part of the team at Jerry Evans School of Music and is very passionate about helping the youth fulfill their potential through the gifts and expression of music.