Rock Band Academy

Are you looking for an opportunity to be in a real band? Looking for an opportunity to play real live performances? Are you wanting to live out the dream of being a musician that plays out in front of others? Then the Rock Band Academy is for you!

The Rock Band Academy at the Jerry Evan School of Music is the true band experience where musicians on any instrument can go to the next level as a performing musician. Students have an opportunity to pick their own songs together with the help of their instructor, and have the freedom to play any style! Whether it’s Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, CCM, Funk, or anything else, it is all fair game. The Rock Band Class is designed to be a place where students can express themselves with the songs and styles that they want. In addition, there is creative freedom for band members to write and record their own songs for their Rock Band.

Format of the class

During each session, the band will learn 4-10 songs for their performance. Students learn from top level instructors with professional playing, recording/touring experience. On top of that everyone in the band will play for every song and be a part of the music 100% of the time! 

On top of that, whether you play guitar, bass, drums, piano/keys, vocals, or even an instrument like trumpet, saxophone, or violin, the Rock Band Academy is open for you!

Rock Band Academy sessions go from June-August, September-December, and January-May. (But, there is sometimes opportunity for a musician to join in midway through the session if it is the right circumstance.)

Call now to inquire more about the class! – 630.359.7725

Rock Band Academy