Bass Guitar Lessons in Wheaton

Dedicated to being a symbol of excellence in the community, the Jerry Evans School of Music provides high quality bass guitar lessons to all students. Whether beginner or professional, the JESM serves as the complete learning experience that makes every student the standout guitar player they have always wanted to be!

The JESM empowers musicians to great heights using solid fundamentals, as well as a core curriculum designed to fit each students needs, and playing music that each student enjoys! Whether young, old, experienced, or beginner, the JESM guarantees each student will develop strong musical skills to reach their goals.

Bass Guitar Lessons cover all or part of the following information, based on the students’ level, needs, and goals:

Style: Students can learn the style of their choice. Examples include: rock, jazz, blues, classical, folk, fusion, reggae or Latin guitar.

Music Fundamentals: Students learn songs by ear as well as develop sight reading skills, as well as play solos and learn to write guitar parts.

Technique: Students learn scales, arpeggios, chords, tapping, hammer-ons, pull-offs, quick-tricks, and other exercises developed from some of the best guitarists to make the fastest and clearest guitar playing possible.

Musicality: Understanding the dynamics and interpretation of music to enhance every musical performance.

Concerts & Performance opportunities: Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to show off their “chops” as well as play their favorite songs in concerts, recitals, or live gigs!