JESM Mini Musicians | Young Kids Music Classes Wheaton, IL

Jerry Evans School of Music just made the following Press Release regarding young kids music classes at their Wheaton, IL location.

Music is FUN! Caitlin Maurer will be teaching 8-week sessions of the JESM Mini Musicians class as an exploratory musical opportunity for our youngest musicians. Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes, call today for dates and times (630) 359-7725.


Our goal is that all students and families would enjoy music to the fullest and reap the benefits of music in their lives. At this early stage of musical instruction, the Jerry Evans School of Music aims to:

  • internalize a steady beat for every child
  • foster curiosity in listening to and making music with a variety of styles and instrumentation
  • draw connections between music and the rest of life’s lessons by incorporating literature and themes

A movement-based approach using puppets, instruments, and more will start your child on their journey of education through music. Additionally, musical development at these early ages has been shown to:

  • increase IQ
  • cognitive ability
  • hand eye coordination
  • build many other areas of the child’s development

Additionally, feel free to come back for future sessions, as themes and curriculum will change every 8-weeks to provide each child with the most well-rounded experience possible.


Infants up to 6 months of age can attend at no charge. Parents (or a caregiver) should plan to accompany children to Mini Musicians class. Also this is a great chance to grow your own knowledge and to try with other kids at home!

Little Kids Music Classes

Many schools are able to offer classes to children, but at Jerry Evans School of Music we aim to offer classes to young kids, ages 5 and under

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