Music Lessons

The Jerry Evans School of Music is an educational institution that seeks to be a symbol of excellence in the community. We are dedicated to providing high quality and fun music lessons to students of all levels. Whether it’s classical, musical theatre, blues, rock, pop, country, jazz, or anything else imaginable, students will receive a quality and versatile education that exceeds expectations! Lessons are available in 30, 45, or 60 minute weekly lessons for every style of music. The Jerry Evans School of Music welcomes students of all ages and levels, beginner to professional.

Student concerts, rock band classes, workshops and performances outside of school are all things students of JESM can participate in. Students are taught in a linear direction to fit their learning style and goals while also receiving encouragement and developing confidence.

Areas of Focus

Musical Relevance – Our students learn to play the music they enjoy, no matter the style. Whether it’s rock, classical, pop, jazz, folk, musical theatre, country, or even if it is for school orchestra/band. Focusing on the music each student actually cares about is huge in creating an engaging music lesson experience.

Creative Expression – All of our students are given the opportunity to explore the creative side of music many studios fail to explore. Improvisation, songwriting, style study, and playing by ear are some of the examples of creative expression we inspire that other studios do not.

Complete Musical Learning – Since one can’t achieve mastery without building a strong musical foundation, JESM students have the opportunity to choose to go deeper into skill building, fundamentals, theory, and technical exercises. This allows each student to play/sing more complex and involved versions of the styles they love.

Fun, Fun, and More Fun! – Enjoying the process is huge when it comes to a student sticking with it. We strive to provide a lesson experience that is focused on having fun while simultaneously developing skills.

Recording – After our students develop a foundation, they will have the option to create music and recordings within their lessons so they can share their progress with friends & family.

Our Teaching Style

Personalized Lesson Plans – We believe that a one-size-fits-all lesson plan is not realistic nor is it benificial. Since each student has different tastes, learning styles and skill level, each lesson plan is should be different. Each student will benefit from a lesson plan that focuses on their interests and skill level. Whether they are a beginner to the seasoned professional.

Enthusiastic Faculty – At the JESM, our faculty members have a Bachelor and/or Masters degree in Music, and strive to use their experience with enthusiasm to create an encouraging environment that helps students reach heights they may not have thought possible.

Large Studios & Open Door Policy – It is hard to inspire and create while shut inside a closet sized studio. Many music schools try to maximize the number of studios in a given space in order to maximize profits. We could easily divide each of our studios in half to generate more revenue, but that would compromise the comfortable learning environment. Additionally, we want to maintain an open door policy for parents to sit in the lesson and comfortably enjoy their child’s lesson.

Ongoing Opportunities

Opportunities To Learn Multiple Instruments – Multiple research studies have shown that music study contributes to intelligence, better grades, better test scores, good behavior, and more. At JESM, there are 20 different instruments to learn from. Students can take lessons on more than one instrument. We make it easy for multiple students of the same family, including parents to conveniently take lessons at our school.

Performance Opportunities – We believe our hard working students should be have the opportunity to show off their skills at concerts we host every semester. Or even performing with Rock Band classes that encourages students in their outside musical endeavors.