Nick Kalina | Wheaton Voice Teacher

Nick Kalina received his Vocal Music Degree from Northern Illinois University. Nick has taught for 5 years, and has taught music in the K-8 public school setting, as well as teaching children and adults for private music schools. During his tenure at NIU, he performed with Cor Cantiamo and recorded two albums with the choir that were produced at Abbey Road Studios and published through Centaur Records. Other choral experience has taken him to perform in Orchestra Hall in Chicago, Carnegie Hall in New York, as well as a tour of Germany.

Nick teaches proper vocal technique to achieve optimal vocal health, mixed with voice therapy theory, and their application to whatever style of music the student is interested in. Whether it be Classical, Pop, Rock, or any other musical style, Nick’s methods will not only improve the quality of your voice, but an understanding of how to accomplish vocal goals in a healthy way. Regardless of whether his students want to pursue music as a career or a hobby, Nick believes that vocal study builds critical thinking skills, work ethic, and most importantly; confidence.

Nick loves teaching music, and is excited to be teaching at the Jerry Evans School of Music. He loves working with his students and finding new challenges for them to overcome.

Testimonials About Nick Kalina

[Nick] believed in all of us, and made sure we knew that. As we worked on a piece he had composed just for us, we were all brought together. Mr. Kalina never stopped working with us, bringing out the best, and uniting us in our love for making music. We had never played music like this, and called him our first real music teacher. Most times he didn’t even sleep as the concert drew nearer, to make sure everything was perfect.

In the end, I really wish Mr. Kalina could have stayed. He was a great person to be around, and I learned to make music. He made all of us so proud of ourselves when we played on stage, in practice, and then just for the fun of it. Mr. Kalina made us all better and smarter individuals...
Francesca (Age 15) (Former Public School student)
We could not ask for a better teacher for our son than, Nick. He really knows how to make learning fun. He involves our son in the songs he learns, which has kept him interested. Nick Takes his teaching profession seriously while making it so fun. Our son looks forward to his lesson every week and that is due to Nick being so great at what he does.
Heather Mendel (Link age 8)
Before meeting Nick, I was a concert pianist who could no longer play due to a traumatic brain injury. I decided to take voice lessons at my doctor’s request and that’s how we met. Because of him pushing and believing in me, I can now sing a song while accompanying myself on piano.
Joni (age 56)