Ahhae Song is a highly accomplished piano performer, accompanist, and teacher based in the Chicago area

Ahhae’s impressive educational background includes a Master’s degree in piano performance from Northern Illinois University, two performance certificates from Judson University and Northern Illinois University, and a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Seoul Theological University. She is currently finishing a second Master’s degree in Community Music from Judson University.

With her extensive experience and talent, she has become a prominent figure in Illinois’ local music scenes, regularly performing statewide as well as earning top places in competitions, such as the ensemble competition at Northern Illinois University. She also engages in music at a local scale, playing in churches, community choirs, and accompanying conservatory students in suburban areas. She teaches students of all levels, drawing on her experience in every aspect of performance.

Alongside her music career, Ahhae Song is also a dedicated volunteer, actively supporting and promoting Korean culture in the US. She has performed at numerous cultural events, including the concert held by the Korean Consulate and the K-art songs concert in 2023. Ahhae often volunteers for musical community service, such as playing in nursing homes and providing piano lessons to Ethiopian refugees, to bring music to those who may not be able to access it otherwise. In May 2023, she earned the Community Leadership Service Award from the Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas in recognition of her contributions.

Ahhae is excited to bring the love of music to students at the Jerry Evans School of Music, and nurture students as they develop their musical potential and unique artistic voice.