Giovanni Napolitano | Drum Set Instructor

Giovanni Napolitano received a BA in Jazz Studies from Judson University, and since then has worked with countless artists based in Chicago and Nashville, including the great jazz and concert pianist Dr. Rev. Huntley Brown, Chicago blues Hall of Famer Michael Charles, and blues guitarist Jimmy Nick. Giovanni has played for crowds of over 1,200 people, and can regularly be found in concert venues in Chicago. Beyond his notable work in jazz and blues drumming, Giovanni’s time in the diverse Chicago music scene has granted him knowledge of a great variety of drumming styles, including rock, pop, funk, punk, latin, arabic, and more.

In addition to his extensive teaching of drumming, he has taught students guitar, bass, and audio production skills, drawing on his time as an audio/visual technician at Judson University. When not teaching or performing, Giovanni enjoys spending his time attending concerts in Chicago, taking extended fishing trips, and playing sports such as golf or ice hockey.

Giovanni views music as an opportunity for expression and enjoyment, and seeks to approach lessons with the same vibrant energy with which he approaches each and every day. He is thrilled to be teaching at the Jerry Evans School of Music, enriching the lives of his students.